G3 Topical Bible Study

In addition to studying the individual books of the Bible, a second way of studying the Bible is topical.


Topical Bible study simply means you are studying the Bible in its entirety regarding a specific topic. 


You can pick a topic based on something you feel the Spirit of God has been speaking to you about – putting in front of you a lot lately.


You can choose a topic that you have a particular interest in like relationships, money, warfare, sex, anger, divorce, etc.


You could choose to study a specific doctrine of the Bible or Church theology like grace, faith, salvation, heaven, hell, hope, the Trinity, the End Times, etc.


Then, after choosing a topic you search the Bible to find ALL of the places that topic is mentioned and taught and see what it has to say. 


You also can consult other resources and see what other scholars and Bible teachers have to say about what the Bible teaches on the subject.


These videos will give you some guidelines on how to do a topical Bible study.

How do I study a specific topic in the Bible

How to study the Bible topically