G2: 1st Steps
Healthy Habit 7: Mentoring

In Matthew 28.19-20, not only did Jesus command us to share the good news of His resurrection, He also said to make disciples.


A disciple is someone who is following Jesus and growing in their faith. In other words Jesus has called you to help others grow in their faith just as you are continuing to grow in your faith.


This is called mentoring. You should be connecting with another believer who is younger in their faith than you are so that you can pour into them – invest in them – as they are growing in Jesus.


This means intentionally getting together on a weekly basis to encourage them in their faith. It’s more than just hanging out and chatting. It’s about an intentional time where you talk about Jesus and faith.


This may mean doing a Bible study and praying together. It could be getting together over coffee to discuss what God has been teaching you in your daily time with Him.


It could be a time of vulnerability, of sharing difficulties, weaknesses, failures, or discouragements that week as well as what God is doing in your life that week.


It could be all of the above!


Find someone (same gender) who you can connect with and pour into. But also, find someone who can pour into YOU! You need someone holding you accountable in your faith journey. Someone who can encourage you. Love on you. Challenge you.


Ideally, you should be mentoring someone and be mentored by someone else. 


You may not have time to do both. Maybe you take a couple of months to be mentored and then a couple of months to mentor someone else. Then rotate again.


Throughout the year constantly be in a place of being mentored and then a place of mentoring