Membership at Oak Ridge Baptist Church

Members of the faith family at Oak Ridge Church partner together with the staff, leadership, and other members to help fulfill the mission of Jesus through active participation, prayer, and stewardship.

How do I become a member of Oak Ridge?

In order to become a member of Oak Ridge Baptist Church one must confess faith in Christ and His saving work on the cross and His resurrection, submitting to the lordship of Christ and endeavoring to faithfully follow the teachings of the Bible in all areas of life. 


At your meeting with the Pastor, if you have already placed your faith in Jesus invited Him to be your Lord and Savior, you can share this with him.


If you have not already placed your faith in Jesus, the Pastor can share with you how you can do that. 

This confession of faith in Christ is publicly shared through participation in the sacrament of baptism which is the immersion of the Believer in water. Baptism is an outward expression of an inward reality in which God has imparted His grace upon the Believer bringing reconciliation to the Father.


If you haven’t already been baptized, then the Pastor can schedule a time where you can be baptized at a worship service.

Membership at ORBC goes beyond passive engagement. Members covenant with each other, the church leadership, and staff to actively engage in worship, service, and stewardship.

After meeting with one of our leaders and affirming eligibility, you will be welcomed into our faith family by our church.

If you would like to become a member of ORBC click the link below. We'll schedule a meeting with you and one of our Pastors who can discuss membership details with you.