G2: 1st Steps
Healthy Habit 4: Worship

Worship is expressing love, adoration, and reverence for God. (1 Chronicles 16.23-31)


Often, worship is the outward and verbal expression of our devotion and affection for our God. We audibly express the greatness of God.


Sometimes we worship in our spirit – quietly celebrating God’s goodness!


How ever we worship – inwardly or outwardly – we worship by celebrating God’s attributes. This means we proclaim God’s goodness, His majesty, His faithfulness, His supremacy, His holiness, His power, His love, His mercy, His righteousness, etc.


We proclaim our affection for Him. We tell Him that we love Him and desire to know Him more.


We remember all that He has done in the past to reveal Himself to us and to shape us to be more like His Son, Jesus. 


We acknowledge our dependency upon Him.


We submit to His lordship of our lives.


This is worship.

Worship can be private or public.


For 2,000 years Christians have gathered together weekly (often on Sundays) for the public and communal celebration of God.


But worship can also be private. Just you, on your own, or with a friend. Proclaiming God’s greatness and your love for Him.


In both instances, whether public or private, worship can entail reading Scripture, singing songs of praise, and prayer.


As long as you are authentically proclaiming God’s awesomeness and your affection for Him, that’s worship!

Worship isn’t just something we express. It’s something we live out.


In addition to verbally proclaiming our devotion to God, we are called to LIVE OUT our devotion to God.


That means we worship God by living our lives in a manner by which God’s greatness and love is proclaimed to those around us.


Romans 12.2 tells us to be “living sacrifices” (sacrifices were the ways the Jews worshiped and expressed their devotion to God). This means that by living for Jesus we worship Him!


Jesus told us to be “salt and light” (Matthew 5.13-16) so that those who observe us may “see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”


So, worship isn’t something you do only on Sunday mornings (or Wednesday nights), but throughout the week!

Music is a wonderful way to express your love for God and to proclaim His greatness.


Even if you’re not a great singer God loves to hear your voice!


You can connect with God by listening to worship music throughout your day.


Try one of our worship playlists to get you going!