Amy is a dedicated administrative assistant, who supports our church families’ spiritual journey with organization and care. Amy holds a Master’s Degree in Ministry and is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity degree, helping to deepen her understanding of faith and ministry.


Amy is married to her rock, Brad. They have been married for 30 years. Brad retired from the Navy in 2009, and they enjoy spending quality time together. They find joy in each other’s company and shared hobbies, including computer games and building Legos.


Family is central to Amy’s life. She is incredibly grateful for the love and joy she and Brad share with their two daughters, Kiae and Jubilation, their sons-in-law, Anthony and Roger, and their grandson, Crash.


Amy is grateful for the opportunity to serve both the church and the community, and she looks forward to continuing this enriching journey together. Feel free to stop by the church office to say hello—she would love to connect with you and share in the joy of fellowship!