The Resurrection of Rosie


Two weeks ago our family quickly scattered from Rockport the day Hurricane Harvey struck the Gulf Coast.  We packed our vehicles with a few belongings and headed west with the kids and our dog.  The cat was nowhere to be found.

Little Rosie went outside earlier that morning and never returned.  We searched and called as much as we could, but in the end we had to leave her behind, much to the dismay of our youngest daughter.  Through the entire cleanup that followed, we never saw Rosie again.

Then late Saturday night I received a text from my mother-in-law with the above photo attached.  “Is this your kitty?” it read.

Why yes it is.

We’re calling it the resurrection of Rosie.  The cat we all thought had succumbed to 150 mile-an-hour winds had returned.  If only she could talk!

There has been much destruction in the South Texas area and our church, along with other churches and organizations and individuals, are working together to put lives back together.  And while there is great carnage, much has resurrected through the rubble.

We have seen people trust Jesus as Savior as a result of the storm.  We have watched people work together and form working relationships in effort to help their neighbor.  Many have come to an understanding of what truly is important and what is not.  As a church, we are experiencing God in a unique way.

For most readers, life has returned to normalcy and you are back into your daily routines (if you ever left them at all). But for some of us, there is a new norm.  We have received God’s invitation to join Him in this work and in faith we are following Him day by day.  Each day brings new challenges, new surprises and new provision.  In a strange sort of way it is exciting.  We see things rising through the rubble.

If you would like to participate in this journey with us, you can visit our website at and learn how serve or how to give.

A cat is said to have nine lives, yet we have but one.  How would God have you respond in this leg of your journey?

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