Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief

The motivation behind the Disaster Relief Ministry of Texas Baptist Men can be summed up in a single phrase … “a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name.”
Each year, TBM trains volunteers and coordinates efforts to provide prompt assistance and emergency support during times of disaster. TBM has been involved in disaster relief in Texas and around the world since 1967. The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is one of the largest responders to disasters in the United States.

 Oak Ridge Baptist Church Mud Out Unit

Floods occur more frequently than any other type of disaster, therefore flood recovery units are the most-needed type of Disaster Relief unit. Our team is  prepared to remove flooring, carpet, and sheet rock to help dry out and sanitize a home after a flood. This ministry is hard and very dirty, but provides great one-on-one opportunities with disaster victims.

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 Yellow Cap & Yellow Shirt Uniforms

New Volunteers:
Once you have received your badge, please visit the Disaster Relief Uniform Store to order your Yellow Cap and Yellow Shirt.