Resources for parents desiring to raise their kids biblically.

You Version Bible App

An app to help you with reading the bible, daily devotionals, prayer, scripture encouragement.


Resources and strategies to help you in reading and studying the Bible.


Resources and strategies to help you spend time with God in prayer.


Resources and strategies to help you share your faith in Jesus with others.

The Bible Project

Learn about the Bible and how to read it well: from an introduction to the important differences of the various literary genres compiled within.

Step into the Story

Listen to the Step Into the Story Podcast and see how God has intersected the lives of other believers with His Story, the Bibleā€”and how the Bible changes everything.


Learning to think biblically about the Bible and interpreting it well.

Got Questions?

Have a bible/theology question? Check out this website. Linked here is their top 20 most frequently asked questions.

Right Now Media

Bible study, devotional, and training resources. ORBC invites all its members and guests to sign up for a free account.

ORBC leadership has provided these resources that are biblically based and may be helpful for you in your faith journey. While we may agree with most of these resources, we may not agree with everything these resources propose on every occasion. Use these as a stepping stone for you in your spiritual growth, and to begin a conversation within yourself and with others as you search God’s word.