The people of South Texas will continue to feel the effects of Hurricane Harvey for years.  There is much work to be done, many needs to be met.  Our church has found its niche in this work, which is the coordination of work crews from within our own church as well as teams from outside our area.  There is great need in many of our communities.
For the most part, our community was spared. I am told our local fire station recorded wind gusts of 138 mph, which amazes me given the primary damage came in two areas – trees and fences. Both are lying everywhere on the ground and against houses.

This past week I’ve met people I have never met before. I talked with Pentecostal preachers and Catholic priests. I have met city mayors, chiefs of police, volunteer firemen, Exxon-Mobil coordinators and local residents. None of these were in formal meetings. They were simply visits on the streets or local watering holes.
Fences have indeed come down. I imagine that many are meeting their backyard neighbors for the first time. 
Within time, the physical fences will be rebuilt and set back up. It’s the relational fences that I am hoping will stay destroyed.
We really can do more together than we can accomplish individually.We are more than able to hold firmly to what we believe all the while cooperating in such adventures together.  It is a great testimony for the Lord and a picture to our nation that suffers from such divide and hostility. Love is still the greatest command. Love the Lord with all you have and love your neighbor as yourself.
If you would like to send a team of workers to our area or if you would like to financially partner in our efforts to share the love of Jesus by serving others in His name, visit our church website at www.orbcportland.com. It is easy to navigate and addresses each of these needs and more.
Being spared of greater damage has positioned our church to help those who were not.  Our church theme since January 2017 has been “Pray. Give. Go.” Will you do the same?

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