A Floating Observation

Last week we took a three-day vacation to South Padre. We had some fun in the sun and enjoyed the chance to get away if only for a few days. As we drifted through the water park something quickly gained my attention. There were scores of people floating on tubes with their phones around their necks in water-proof cases. Many of them texting and messaging as they moved through the water. Perhaps I’m showing my age once again.
A lot of kids are just coming to the park to float around, have fun and talk to their friends. I get it. I’m coming for a different reason – to lay in the sun, swim in the water and NOT to talk to anyone else. But I do think it’s reflective of our increasing inability to unplug. For many, silence is anything but golden.
God created each of us with a need to rest. His example is shown at creation. He created the Sabbath, a word that literally means ‘rest’ and commanded His people to observe it. We need to rest physically, mentally and emotionally. And for many of us, technology has become a difficult hurdle to clear.
Studies indicate that children ages 8 – 18 years of age spend between 7 and 8 hours per day behind a screen of some type. Adults are no better. Too much screen time negatively affects us physically, mentally, socially, educationally and spiritually.
Technology is a wonderful thing when used correctly and kept in balance. I’m making use of it right now. But each of us have to find ways to allow our technology to serve us rather than control us. So what can we do?
This past Sunday, I offered our church some basic steps we could take, habits we could establish, to keep our lives balanced and in good health. I offer those to you today.
First things first. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these (other) things will be added to you. Until He is first in all things, our lives will always be imbalanced. Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed (Luke 5:16). How much more should we?

Rest. Not every issue is a spiritual issue. God created you body, soul and spirit (1 Thessalonians 5). He created you with the need to rest. Practice daily time alone with God, weekly time off and occasional time away. Remember, if we don’t make time, our bodies will take time. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies. The two are closely tied.

Build healthy relationships that strengthen your faith; this includes your family, church and friends. Many children for example, feel unloved or uncared for by their parents, because their mom and dad will stop in the middle of any activity or conversation to take a random call, text or message. It speaks louder than you might think. Haven’t we all experienced this?
Each of these suggestions are part of your God-given design. You were created to know God and walk with Him. You were created with the need for rest. You were created to need others. Let’s do our best to live within His design. His ways are right. His will is best.

These habits will lead to true fun in the Son.


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